Why we offer more

Vincenzo Maurino is a senior Consultant Eye Surgeon and Director of the Cataract Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital, specialising in laser vision correction, cataract/lens and corneal surgery.   He has  performed more than 20,000 cataract procedures, offering a unique patient focus experience and providing expertise, innovation and quality care to deliver proven excellent results.

Our proven results is why we offer more

Patient and Consultant

Vincenzo Maurino surgical expertise is second to none.  The surgeon’s experience is the most important factor in minimising any surgery risk.

Mr Maurino’s Team is large and includes  practice managers, specialist optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, contact lens practitioners and consultant anaesthetists. They all are extremely experience and passionate about vision and eye surgery. Our team together with Vincenzo Maurino is why we offer more and will support and enhance your experience with us  .

At Moorfields Private, you’ll be cared for by the staff of one of the leading eye hospitals in the world which offers 24 hours around the clock access. This gives you the peace of mind that you will receive the best possible care for your eyes at any times and even in an event of any emergency.

Private surgery offers you the opportunity of receiving a world class treatment,  thus equipping you with the best quality of vision with which to enjoy the years ahead. We use only the most advanced technology technology for your clinical examination and surgical procedures.

Why we are better

  • Senior Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital specialises in advanced laser vision correction eye surgery
  • Specialist in Visian Implantable Contact Lenses, Refractive Lens Exchange for Presbyopia Correction, Keratoconus Treatment and Corneal Transplants.  He has performed well above 30,000 operations in his career with second to none outcomes.
  • Voted in the top ten UK laser eye surgeon. 
  • Professor of Corneal Surgery at the prestigious University of Rome Medical School “Tor Vergata”.

Vincenzo is one of the few Senior Consultant Surgeons to have successfully completed a Laser Vision Correction Fellowship of 18m months  and also holds the Certificate of Laser Refractive Surgery from the Royal College of Ophthalmology of England (Cert LRS RCOphth). He is fellowship trained in: LASER VISION CORRECTION, CORNEAL SURGERY, CATARACT SURGERY, GLAUCOMA SURGERY. He has been trained in Italy and UK.

Vincenzo Maurino at Moorfields uses the latest laser surgery technology which is continuously upgraded the stay always at the top

  • Intralase IFS 150 femtosecond laser for advanced flap creation
  • Latest Schwind Amaris excimer laser, simply the most precise and fastest Excimer Laser.
  • Latest VISX Excimer wavefront laser

No other clinic has a wider choice of the latest technologies in eye surgery with more than one excimer laser.  Better tools and technologies in experienced hands equals best results with highest safety.

Our results are second to none. We are governed by Moorfields Eye Hospital highest standards of patients’ quality and care built over the last 200 years.  We adhere to the Care Quality Commission standards for clinical governance and audit our results to ensure that our patients get the safest and best possible standard of care.

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Vincenzo Maurino expertise extends beyond laser vision correction surgeon since he is an accomplished surgeon of the anterior segment of the eye as a whole.  Vincenzo Maurino is able to decide your suitability for laser eye surgery better that a simple laser eye surgeon because of his wide-ranging knowledge and expertise and the skills he has in performing different types of eye surgery procedures on the cornea and the lens of the eye.  The service that Vincenzo Maurino offers is better to a laser only surgeon with no other expertise of the cornea (the tissue where the laser surgery takes place) or the lens ( RLE and cataract surgery are forms of lens surgery). We have unrivalled experience and expertise and complex cases are routinely referred to our NHS and private practice from other ophthalmic surgeons. That is why patients with complex cases or only one seeing eye are often referred to us.

Your vision safety is paramount,  which is one of our main focuses.

Laser eye surgery is not ideal for every patient.  Some patients will get better results with different surgical techniques such as implantable contact lens surgery and refractive lens exchange with trifocal and extended depth of focus (EDoF) lenses.

Vincenzo Maurino his the has been in charge of cataract surgery training At Moorfields for years and is the Director of the cataract surgical services at Moorfields. He also has trained in corneal surgery more than twenty surgeons form all over the worlds in the last 15 years. Vincenzo is an official trainer for the Visian implantable contact lenses and has trained eye surgeons in this procedure. Vincenzo has been performing Visian ICL surgery for patients for nearly 15 years. His own brother Guy has had successfully ICL surgery over a decade ago.

Vincenzo Maurino has been a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields form the age of 35, one of the youngest consultant ever appointed. Moorfields  Eye Hospital has built its reputation for over 200 years as  the leading eye hospitals in the world.  Moorfields is the largest eye hospital in Europe and has an international reputation for research, innovation and excellence in eye healthcare.

All operations Vincenzo Maurino performs take place at Moorfields.  Why would you go to any other place for your eye surgery?

Laser corrective eye surgery has been performed at Moorfields in London since 1992 and more than 4000 procedures are performed each year.  Moorfields has a world-renowned reputation and it is why patients prefer to choose us any eye problems.

Best standard of care and continuity of care means being seen by the same team and the same consultant ophthalmologist at every single visit.

This is why Vincenzo Maurino is most qualified to evaluate his patients and their eyes from both a surgical and holistic perspective, taking into consideration all possibilities at all times.  Anything less is a compromise.

In Vincenzo clinics we have a skilled team of professionals, including senior optometrists and senior contact lens practitioners, who all work at Moorfields and help us to achieve the best clinical eye care for our patients.

Vincenzo Maurino will always see you at every visit on a one to one basis. He is personally invested in your care and is committed to giving all of his patients the best of his expertise and professionalism

Moorfields is unique in having the only Eye Casualty open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Vincenzo Maurino and Moorfields look after their patients as best possible  As providers of medical and surgical care we understand the need for patients to contact us in case of an emergency at any time.  Most private eye clinics have no emergency facilities.

Laser eye surgery with Mr. Maurino at Moorfields Eye Hospital comes with a two-year cover. The fixed price of your laser surgery includes all follow-ups and any re-treatment that may be needed.

For the best comprehensive care package from one of the leading eye specialists, choose Vincenzo Maurino at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Your are in safe hands of Vincenzo Maurino

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