Vincenzo Maurino running the official Visian ICL Certification Course in MILAN

Delighted to have been invited by Staar Surgical once again to run the Official Visian ICL Certification Course for Surgeons.

The course is designed for eye surgeons who want to start performing Visian ICL surgery for their very shortsighted patients and I am proud to have been running it for a few years now. I strongly believe that Visian ICL is the best procedure to correct the extreme of refractive error: high myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. My own brother had Visian ICL surgery for -12.00 myopia in 2006 and has been spectacles free since.

Many people are understandably nervous before embarking on corrective vision surgery, as a bad outcome, while very rare, could have a dramatic impact on your life.

We believe that choosing an experienced reputable eye surgeon is key to ensuring a successful treatment ad minimising risks.

Your Visian ICL Surgeon Choice

No one person or pair of eyes are exactly the same and you should seek out personalised, tailor-made care. This is the hallmark of the service Mr Vincenzo Maurino offers his London Visian ICL eye surgery patients and why avoiding large, impersonal chains is advisable.

Do your research

Before choosing your eye surgeon, search the internet to find out which eye surgeons are local to you, and then research those surgeons individually. You should be able to glean a lot of information from the internet – their qualifications and experience, any papers they have published… all of this will give you a good idea of how reliable they are likely to be.

Ask for testimonials

Any good eye surgeon will have a wealth of testimonials to show that their work is effective and that past patients have been pleased with the result. Ask to see these at the consultation stage, to reassure yourself that the surgeon is trustworthy.

Choose experience

At Moorfields Eye Hospital, we have over 200 years of experience in providing excellent patient care, and have been offering corrective eye surgery since 1992. Senior Consultant Eye Surgeon Vincenzo Maurino has performed over 30000 eye surgical operation , and we believe that this level of experience means you are in very safe hands indeed.

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